Ringing in the New Year with resolutions to cut plastic

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The dawn of a new year is a traditional time to address our excesses—whether it’s too many calories, too much spending or too much screen time. This year, several Monterey Bay communities are ringing in 2019 with newly adopted resolutions to cut back on single-use plastic.

In December 2018, the city of Monterey voted to limit the use of disposable plastic service ware in food establishments throughout the city. Earlier in the month, Santa Cruz County adopted a new law targeting single-use plastic packaging for personal care products in the hospitality industry.

Both laws aim to curtail waste and protect Monterey Bay from plastic pollution. They’re part of a global wave of action, from the local to national levels, to slow the flow of plastic from land to sea.

plastic bag_wildscreen A plastic bag floats in the ocean. Photo by Patrick Kelley / Marine Photobank

Our growing plastic problem

Scientists estimate…

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Volcanic heat source discovered under Pine Island Glacier, the poster child for Antarctic melting

[heat source] Plays critical role in movement, melting Via Eurekalert KINGSTON, R.I. — June 22, 2018 — A researcher from the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography and five other scientists have discovered an active volcanic heat source beneath the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica. The discovery and other findings, which are critical […] …

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Dominican supermarkets to help eliminate use of plastics

Environment Minister Ángel Estévez has called on all supermarket chains to start eliminating the use of plastics, “after tons of trash blanketed on the capital’s coast over the weekend, dragged by a storm’s rains,” underlining that “we are polluting the new generations and this must change.” He also warned the business sector to reduce the […] …

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Hawaii Volcano Erupts Prediction and live report

Hawaii Volcano Erupts Prediction and live report. The Kilauea volcano of Hawaii's big island erupted on May 3, 2018, causing lava flows in the residential neighborhood of Leilani Estate, forcing evacuations. This is continuously erupting since1983. Lava travels 6 and a half miles. 500acre land added. Prediction by Barcroft TV Published on Oct 13, 2016. The …

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Metro State Engineers Lend Helping Hand To Doctors

By Jamie Leary DENVER (CBS4) – It went from an idea over beers to a breakthrough design. It’s a new take on the cumbersome cast. The three engineering students at Metropolitan State University behind it are teaming up with medical professionals to make a completely unique product. (credit: CBS) “Literally over beers the idea came out,… …

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Earth Day 2018 Was About Plastics Pollution—But Greens Missed Target

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Biodegradable Plastic Articlei

Guest essay By Steve Goreham

April 22 was designated by the Earth Day Network as Earth Day 2018. This year’s Earth Day was dedicated to ending global plastic pollution. While efforts to reduce plastic pollution are needed, the campaign missed the mark by emphasizing measures to eliminate the use of plastics.

Earth Day Network’s “Plastic Pollution Primer and Action Toolkit” identifies important problems such as litter and accumulating plastic in the ocean. It proposes effective measures to reduce plastic pollution such as local beach clean-up and recycling. But then the primer goes overboard, promoting radical proposals such as “whenever possible, refuse plastic” and “living a plastic-free life.”

Plastics are essential to modern society. We fabricate food containers, boat paddles, shoes, pipes, toys, smart phones, and thousands of other goods from plastic. Plastic is integral to medical services, used in heart valves, artificial joints, and catheters. Every day, society consumes approximately…

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