Ice Calving

When a glacier meets an ocean, over time large pieces of ice break away from the glacier and fall in the ocean.  This phenomenon is called ice calving.  Ice calving leads to ice bergs being released in the ocean.  Calving is the natural process.  Water erosion, wind and other forces of nature cause an edge of the glacier to become weaker.  When the edge of the glacier becomes unstable, calving begins.  Due to global warming, the rate of calving of glaciers has increased significantly in the past few decades.

The movie “Chasing Ice” shows the largest ice calving event ever recorded on film according to the 2016 Guiness Book of World Records.  The movie won over 40 awards worldwide including the award for Excellence in Cinematography at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and a 2013 Emmy Award for Outstanding Nature Programming.  The movie was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song, “Before My Time” by J. Ralph featuring Scarlett Johansson and Joshua Bell.
Ice calving, also known as glacier calving or iceberg calving, is the breaking off chunks of ice at the edge of a glacier. It is a form of ice ablation or ice …

Documentarians record a massive chunk of ice breaking away from a glacier in Greenland.

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