Can We Resurrect the Extinct Tasmanian Tiger

The last known Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine, died in captivity in 1936.  A 6-month-old pup of a Tasmanian tiger had been preserved in alcohol since 1866 in a museum.   In 2013, Australian scientists successfully extracted intact genes from their specimen in the hope of reviving the extinct species via cloning.  Professor Mike Archer, professor of paleontology at the University of New South Wales in Sydney is spearheading the effort.  Professor Archer began the project in 2000, which was shelved in 2003.  In 2013 managed to create embryos of a frog known as the gastric brooding frog, which became extinct in Australia during the 1980s.  Professor Archer believes this is an important step towards being able to revive extinct species such as the Tasmanian tiger.  The DNA sample of the Tasmanian Tiger is lot more fragmented than the DNA of the gastric brooding frog that was used making it more challenging to try to clone the Tasmanian tiger.  We may be decades away from developing the technology to revive the Tasmanian tiger

Cloning The Tasmanian Tiger: Part 1


Cloning The Tasmanian Tiger: Part 2


Footage of the Last Tasmanian Tiger


National Geographic – The End of Extinction Cloning the Tasmania Tiger -BBC Documentary Wildlife
Death by gun and death by fungus. The thylacine, otherwise known as the Tasmanian tiger, and the gastric-brooding frog are two species that are now extinct, not by …
TASMANIAN tigers are a step closer to returning from extinction thanks to an extinct frog that gave birth through its mouth, says a leading researcher.
Until recently, this was thought to be technically impossible. However, such is the pace of research within this field that in the April 1997 edition of the journal …



The last Tasmanian tiger (thylacine) died in captivity nearly a century ago. Now, a team of Australian biologists believes the animal could be brought back to life.
Jurassic Park remains one of the highest-grossing films in history. Released in 1993, it made over $1 billion at the box office, spawned three sequels, a theme park …

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