Relocating Rhinos from Africa to Australia for a Breeding Program

Poaching has caused rhino population to reach close to extinction levels in South Africa.  The Australian Rhino Project is an unconventional approach to relocate the endangered rhinos from Africa to Australia for a breeding program.  The plan is to move 80 rhinos from Africa to Australia starting in 2016. The project plans on establishing breeding herds of white and black rhinoceros in Australia as an insurance population for the two species.  At some stage, if and when poaching of rhinos in Africa gets under control, rhinos can be moved back from Australia to Africa.

Some conservationists have argued that this may not be the best use of the funds for saving rhinos.  The rhino project’s founder, Ray Dearlove has defended his efforts by saying that a huge amount of money has been put towards anti-poaching initiatives and poaching has continued.  According to him, moving rhinos to Australia is one alternative strategy.


Our mission is to bring African rhinos to Australia to establish an insurance population and ensure their survival. They need your help before it’s too late.



An ambitious project to relocate rhinos from South Africa to Australia has been accused by some conservation researchers of being a waste of money.



Australia is set to be a sanctuary for Africa’s endangered rhinos as poaching operations escalate, killing record numbers for Asia’s illegal horn trade.



Dozens of South African rhinos could be moved to Australia in a last-ditch bid to save them from rampant poaching and create an “insurance” population for the …

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